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Mowing is a traditional means of controlling vegetation on right of ways. Mowing provides an IVM control method that is very effective and sometimes essential in controlling undesirable vegetation. Proper mowing procedures can control population growth and seed production of many vegetative species. Mowing also provides a uniform look that is visually pleasing to the public.




Tree Pruning

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Pruning of trees and line clearance from trees is a major part of vegetation management. Trees can create hazards for electric service when they come into contact with energized lines by causing interruptions, hazards to public safety, and fires. When trees are weak or diseased in an urban setting they can create hazards to the public and to transportation when trees or limbs break and fall into heavily congested areas. The practice of pruning trees correctly is called arboriculture and the goal is to provide reliable and safe utility service as well as maintenance of trees in urban areas and along roadways.

Trees are pruned according to standards recommended by the International Society of Arboriculture and the National Arborist Association Some other useful links that relate to pruning are: The Utility Arborists Association; The National ArborDay Foundation; The Society of American Foresters; ISA Southern Chapter; The USDA Forest Service

Arborists have an important job in keeping our communities infrastructure running safe and smoothly. They have a difficult task in balancing the needs of the urban forest, individuals, and the environment, with the needs of safety and reliable service. They accomplish this task by using accepted methods recommended by professional organizations and leaders in the tree care industry.